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Should you handle your exceptions with test automation?

Should you wrap your test methods in a try catch statement and handle or throw the exceptions?

In Testing, Feb 04, 2020

How to use your assertions properly?

If your automation test doesn’t contain assertions there is no point in running it. It is just a dud.

In Selenium, Feb 03, 2019

Is Selenium slow?

Selenium is a browser automation tool and it is incredibly fast. But I have seen a lot of automation tests running terribly slow. It is ironic that all these slowness is being caused ...

In Automation, Java, Jan 27, 2019

Explicit or Implicit wait in Selenium

Explicit or Implicit, whichever wait you are using, be careful not to mix them up. That means if you have instructed the driver to implicitly wait for an element, then you should not ...

In Selenium, Automation, Jan 21, 2019

Should you use a static WebDriver?

During the initial stages of my automation learning, one of the first mistakes I did was using a static WebDriver. It seemed to be easy to go with static drivers as I didn’t have to b...

In Selenium, WebDriver, Jan 18, 2019

How to create an API server in 30 Seconds

If you need an API server for your test or development purpose, ‘json-server’ is an excellent option to get your mock data uploaded and available in no time.

In api, Jan 18, 2019